What CX Leaders Need to Know About the ‘Everything Customer’
The term “everything Customer” was first coined by the ever-insightful Don Scheibenreif of Gartner at their European symposium a little over 12 months ago.

The term was used to capture the far-reaching audience who can now be satisfied by a multi-experience platform and mindset.

The “everything customer” (or “everything citizen”) seems to well-align to my near-teenage daughter –  having conflicting requirements of being treated like everybody else but also being served on their own unique terms at the same moment in time!

The “everything customer” is indeed wanting it all, being well connected but left to their own devices too.

Of course, like my beloved offspring, it’s not that simple.

Whilst modern technology is doing a good job at meeting the everything customer’s demands, it’s the organisations behind them that are still failing to successfully support tech which can use the best features, in an effortless experience, from any device, at any time. CX leaders must take on the responsibility for creating cultures that are agile and ready for the constant change that is needed to support the enabling technology and customer need.

What do we know about serving the everything customer and how can we do right by them?

  1. They need experiences with immediate reward and without friction

The technology they use needs to deliver a highly personalised experience, they expect a digital identity that knows them and serves them seamlessly.

Think about emerging audiences like those in generation Z, a group who value individual self-expression. Scrutinise your brand for inclusivity and diversity. It should be built into the journey and the feel of your organisation and never at risk of being perceived to be a box simply ticked.

Gartner themselves also advise us all to keep in mind a future where we may need to market directly to machines citing HP’s “Instant Ink” — a digital service where internet-connected printers automatically order their own ink when supplies run low.

  1. They want to access multiple platforms without the need for multiple log ins

The everything customer expects to be identified pro-actively and move between apps, platforms and devices without having to re-introduce themselves. Think of Sky and the heavily advertised ease of picking up programmes across devices wherever you left them.

When you’re designing your customer journey, think cross-channel. Think about how your customers will interact across their phone, the web, their home devices, their watch, a virtual assistant, even their fridge! — all multimodal touchpoints that can interact with the everything customer, no matter where they are.

  1. Scale means width and locality not global domination

The everything customer is looking for localisation, seeking an experience that lives on their doorstep, something that is relevant to who they are and where they are in the moment. AirBnB is a good example of this, as their website and app are available in 62 different languages. Beyond this, AirBnB has also translated the user-generated content on their site, including listing information and user reviews. By looking local it’s also more straightforward to smooth out pain points that generic, broad brush treatment strategies breed.

Fundamentally, this new everything customer is all of us; the sum of our experiences living through a technological revolution, global pandemic and ethical awakening. The multi-experience is about designing and developing seamless and frictionless experiences across apps, touchpoints and interaction mediums. What this brave new world is telling us is that ‘channel’ is dead, or at least dying.

Recently, following an audit, we’ve had the pleasure of helping a client in the engineering sector through a re-appraisal of their self-service tech across channels and, bringing the everything customer into the room, we were able to help a global organisation feel relevant on a local level and create a truly smooth journey across platforms and channels.

As CX leaders, we face the exciting challenge of helping organisations free themselves from the shackles of channel led marketing and customer interaction and back into a world where the individual counts no matter what. If only getting my teenager to bring down her laundry and complete her homework was that simple!

Would you like the opportunity to see your brand through the eyes of the everything customer?

One of our CX audits would a great place to start.

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By Celia Felgate
CX Director

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