Why rewarding loyal customers matters more than finding new ones.

Most businesses drive and strive to win new custom. Sales, sales, sales – it’s a seemingly never-ending process.

So, ask yourself this question: Do you know how much it costs your business to find a new customer?

All that marketing, advertising, collateral – print or otherwise – not to mention schmoozing, carousing and the stress of getting new deals across the line. It all adds up, in terms of both cost and time.

And do you know the cost difference between finding new customers and keeping existing ones? If you don’t know these costs, we suggest you find out. You can use our Customer Loyalty Calculator.

Download our Customer Loyalty Calculator

See how our calculator will help you understand the financial benefit of developing a customer experience and loyalty strategy by calculating the cost of acquiring new loyal customers and the impact this has on your bottom line.

Customer Loyalty Calculator

Don’t get us wrong, we all need new customers but when you compare it to how much it costs to keep existing ones it just doesn’t add up. Not only will it focus your efforts – it will encourage you to treat existing customers better.

Some businesses thrive on minimal contact with customers once they’ve captured them – few discounts (that’s the preserve of new customers) and few incentives for loyalty. Then they wonder why their heads are turned and they go elsewhere.

it’s cheaper to keep them than to win them If you do so with nous. Fresh Nous.

We believe that if you look after existing customers really well not only will they stay with you for longer, but they will become your advocates, which means they’ll sell for you.

Not just through word of mouth (though that’ll often do) but if you reward them for bringing in business and show them how to they’ll do it over and over again.

These are warm leads too – the best sort. You come on recommendation. What’s not to like?

Now revisit that calculator and see how caring for your existing customers can keep your sales funnel topped up and your costs down.

Shaping great customer experiences to keep your customers (old and new) happy is one of the many things we do at Fresh Nous.

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