Customer centric marketing

customer profile

Getting closer to your customers could be the key to unlocking endless business opportunities. That’s why we’re so passionate about helping you understand your customers.

We’ve got some nifty tools to get the insight you’ll need form your customers. Once we know what your customers think and what they want from your business we can help you to meet their needs which will, in turn, generate sales, increase repeat custom and retain existing customers.

Research and Personas

We use our research skills to uncover details about your audience to understand their motivations and needs. We’ll create ‘customer profiles’ helping you bring your target audience to life and build a targeted strategy.

Use insight to get closer to your customers

Understand the behaviours of your customers
Find out when and where to target your customers
Learn what to measure

Customer Experience

Understand the experience and perceptions of customers as they interact with your business to identify irritants. We look at the interactions your customers have with your business to provide recommendations for tactical changes and long term development plans.

Put your customer at the heart of your business

Build a customer centric strategy
Identify opportunities to wow your customers
Develop new processes to support your customers

Customer Journey

Develop a clear visual map to reflect the true experience a customer will have with your business from end-to-end. We look at your processes and identify where there is opportunity to improve as well as highlighting when competitors targeting your customers and how to overcome this.

Review and improve the end-to-end journey you give your customers

Create a visual map of customer interactions
Identify opportunities to improve experience
Evolve processes that support journeys