What is intuitive marketing…and why does it matter?
We live in a supposedly data driven world – and yet effective customer relations is also about matching hard and fast logic with feeling - how do you find the perfect balance?

We live in a supposedly data driven world – and yet effective customer relations is also about matching hard and fast logic with feeling.

Creating pathways your customers intuitively want to follow is the route to successful marketing.

And it’s not one or t’other. There’s no conflict here – it is complementary and about applying the best of both (marketing) worlds.

Let’s go back to intuition. We all act on intuition, right? Or rather we think we do. Sometimes we just get a ‘gut’ feeling. Things just feel right.

There’s nothing going on downstairs which affects your decision making – it’s all in your head (and maybe a little in your heart).

So, imagine if your marketing was so streamlined, so customer oriented so…personality driven …that your customers followed the carefully crafted and cunning breadcrumb trail you have laid out for them?

That you provide exactly the right information they need to make an informed choice whether to continue along the customer journey you have paved for them to follow.

Sometimes it has to be nuanced – anticipated – so that different customers act and respond in different ways. It happens. We are people, not machines.

That is effective intuitive marketing.

Marketing with nous. Fresh Nous – and here’s how we do it….

At Fresh Nous we devise strategies that work based on research, analysis and data.

Whilst working with a global software provider, we found that user analytics, inbound call volumes and Google search trends highlighted a new customer query around software installation following a recent upgrade.

Ongoing monitoring of this data and working with the customer service team resulted in an additional set of FAQs being added to the webpage where the journey drop offs were greatest.

Tracking this touchpoint data led to a simple fix in a functional silo but having monitored the customer journey from beginning to end we were also able to make changes to the installation guide and email marketing journey template. Actioning both these simple steps throughout the customer journey virtually eliminated all calls into the business in relation to the software upgrade query. 

We believe that content, as well as the customer, is king – so we match effective marketing content and customer relations processes with the needs of your customers.

We then monitor things to make sure our tactics work smoothly, and if not, we change things based on further provable, analytical data rather than guess work.

And the best bit? We make it feel intuitive for the customer and their journey throughout your business.

According to global media company Forbes, 90% of global executives who use data analytics report that they have improved their ability to deliver a great customer experience.

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