Utilising PPC and Email Marketing for Rebranding Campaign

For many companies and organisations, rebranding and retooling customer messaging is essential in creating new leads as well as retaining existing customers. This was exactly the case with one of our clients. They wanted to re-engage with their customers while also expanding their product offering.

Our client is a leading UK based Hazardous Area Lighting company who specialise in offering bespoke and industry appropriate solutions for a range of sectors. Traditionally, they had created and installed fluorescent lighting solutions. However, with the introduction of their cost effective and environmentally friendly LED options our client wanted to revaluate their messaging and offerings for a growing customer base. This is where we came in.

With our expertise in PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and email marketing we were able to work alongside our client and create successful campaigns to support their rebranding.  The new campaigns focused on the money and energy saving aspects of LED lighting as well as highlighting how easily they can be installed and implemented in existing systems.

Catering to different customer segments

Specific messages for end users and distributors were key in carrying out successful rebranding campaigns. For distributors the increase in electrical efficiency was a major selling point and had to be targeted within PPC campaigns for them to be successful. We also made sure to highlight it straight off-the-bat within our tailored emails to help create engaging copy.

For end users the environmental factor ranked far higher than general efficiency savings. Knowing that they were minimising their carbon footprint was a key part of their eventual LED purchases. We utilised this learning and ensured all campaigns directed at end users highlighted this fact immediately. This made our copy and content far more engaging to potential customers and led to greater performances across our email and PPC campaigns.

Loving the process as much as the outcome

These campaigns would have been far less effective without these initial learnings. Analysing customer needs and wants is necessary before, during, and after PPC and email campaigns. Only with the implementation of customer learnings can you drive good conversion rates, read rates, and click through rates. Without this knowledge and experience you risk missing customer journey gaps; these would likely lead to you losing potential customers without being able to point to a particular reason why.

Understanding why a campaign was successful is just as important as creating one in the first place.

With that being said, these campaigns were only successful thanks to the product and service offerings from our client. Having a well-researched and planned campaign can only take you so far: it’s your customer offering which starts and closes the deal. We’re here to help bridge that gap with fantastic tailored campaigns.

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