Building the foundations for marketing strategies

Marketing agency Cogs Fresh Nous

Effective marketing strategies attract the right customers, showcases your products and service and builds a strong profitable business. We work with businesses of all sizes across a range of sector to develop, execute and maintain their marketing strategies.

We’re passionate about what we do. We love working with businesses in all sectors and at all sizes. We unlock hidden potential for our clients using our years of experts in proposition development, customer experience and marketing.

As a marketing agency, we believe we offer something really different. By making practical marketing accessible to all either through out-sourcing or training.

Brand Development and Design

Creatively designing a brand that reflects your products and services is the crucial foundation to developing marketing activities. We create brand identities and develop creative design work for all channels.

Let us get creative and make your business stand out from the crowd

+ Create a strong brand image
+ Produce materials to showcase your products and services
+ Develop a consistent look and feel for all your marketing


We work with clients to identify the best advertising channels, creating a media plan and organising media buying across all channels (including online); maximising exposure of key messages to wider audiences and fitting within set budgets.

Identify the best advertising opportunities for your business

+ Build a media plan to reach your audience
+ Run campaigns across a mixture of channels
+ Develop adverts that showcase your products and services

Campaign management

A multi-channel marketing campaign provides businesses of all sizes an opportunity to speak directly to customers and prospects. We’re experienced campaign managers and will work with you to create the best marketing mix.

Develop marketing plans that connect you with your audience

+ Tailor your marketing plans to meet any budget
+ Benefit from multi channel marketing
+ Track results and realise a return on the investment