The World Wide Web: A solution to a small-scale problem turned world changing resource:

Now-a-days we take the World Wide Web for granted, it’s become so ingrained into society and daily life that you constantly use it without taking the time to stop and appreciate it’s genius and how many different opportunities it opens. Need to look up an answer to a burning question? Google it! Need an outfit [...]


The hidden gems of online tools and services

As a small business ourselves, we understand that many businesses don’t always have the largest of budgets, especially to spend on tools and services. Luckily, there some fantastic, cheap and even free tools and services out there to help elevate your business in multiple ways. 1.Canva Canva is an online design tool which allows its [...]


Customer experience on the front line

Customer experience and experiential marketing – both the buzz phrases of recent years have given us marketers new phrases on which to hang the hats of our strategies. We tell organisations that they must get closer to their audiences, understand their interactions and create fun and engaging adventures into which we can draw potential customers [...]


Fresh Nous #payitforward to Footsteps

  As part of the #payitforward campaign, launched by Fresh Nous at the Business Expo on the 7th March, we are proud to announce our support of a fantastic local charity called Footsteps. They do an amazing job, providing support for bereaved children, young people and their families in Worcestershire following the death of a [...]


#BOGOF: Is two for the price of one always a good deal?

Getting double the number of characters per tweet surely should be something to celebrate…..shouldn’t it? The endless frustrations of editing, cutting words, cursing hashtags and re-writing tweets because you’re just 4 characters over the limit are no more so why aren’t we in a more jubilant mood? Maybe it’s because we shall miss the very [...]