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Fresh Nous #payitforward to Footsteps

  As part of the #payitforward campaign, launched by Fresh Nous at the Business Expo on the 7th March, we are proud to announce our support of a fantastic local charity called Footsteps. They do an amazing job, providing support for bereaved children, young people and their families in Worcestershire following the death of a [...]


Pay it forward

  On the 27th April 2018, the UK will be officially celebrating Pay it Forward Day when people will be encouraged to perform random acts of kindness to 3 or more people and ask those people to do the same. At Fresh Nous, we like to be ahead of the game which is why at [...]


#BOGOF: Is two for the price of one always a good deal?

Getting double the number of characters per tweet surely should be something to celebrate…..shouldn’t it? The endless frustrations of editing, cutting words, cursing hashtags and re-writing tweets because you’re just 4 characters over the limit are no more so why aren’t we in a more jubilant mood? Maybe it’s because we shall miss the very [...]


E-mail marketing: the difference between send and receive

With email marketing being seen as a near “free” marketing channel it’s no wonder so many business fire out regular email campaigns to their customer and prospect mailing list. But do these emails get read and are they engaging or turning off your mailing list? But, with careful planning and quality content you can create [...]


The J word by Celia Felgate, Director of Fresh Nous

The Oxford English dictionary defines journey as “an act of travelling from one place to another” but I’m beginning to feel like it’s also becoming synonymous with a growing breed of business coaches as a necessary cornerstone for any keynote speech. Now, I’m all up for motivational stories – overcoming adversity, meeting your personal and [...]


Marketing trends for 2017 according to CIM

Marketing trend predictions for 2017 according to CIM What have CIM identified as the top marketing trend predictions for 2017?   Well, in 2016, Pokemon really did GO worldwide proving that marketeers need to be able to embrace the blurred lines of reality and the virtual world. CIM have also reminded the more [...]


Revive the art of sending Christmas cards in a Digital Age

Revive the art of sending Christmas Cards in a Digital Age With 14 days left till the last recommended posting day, how many of us are still sending Christmas cards? The sincerity that a hand-written card offers seems to be still usurped by the use of Facebook. People have started to dread the task with many [...]


A Christmas Advert Advent Calendar selected by Fresh Nous

Our Christmas Advert Advent calendar selected by Fresh Nous We have selected our favourite Christmas Adverts to hide behind each day in our Advent calendar. There are favourites as well as some you may not have seen! You'll have to be patient though as the window will only open on the correct day. [...]