Lets grab the elephant by the trunk: Get started on GDPR

The information Audit  Where to begin when it all feels like a bit of a minefield? We’ve devised 4 simple steps to get you started. Although it can always be useful to look at the ICO (information commissioners office) website for more detailed information. This is also covered in our overall all guide to GDPR [...]

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#BOGOF: Is two for the price of one always a good deal?

Getting double the number of characters per tweet surely should be something to celebrate…..shouldn’t it? The endless frustrations of editing, cutting words, cursing hashtags and re-writing tweets because you’re just 4 characters over the limit are no more so why aren’t we in a more jubilant mood? Maybe it’s because we shall miss the very [...]

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E-mail marketing: the difference between send and receive

With email marketing being seen as a near “free” marketing channel it’s no wonder so many business fire out regular email campaigns to their customer and prospect mailing list. But do these emails get read and are they engaging or turning off your mailing list? But, with careful planning and quality content you can create [...]

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Dashboards making your eyes googley?

With Google providing so many great tools to help us all analyse our websites for free it’s easy to find yourselves getting lost stepping through the stages of setting them all up. But, even once you’ve managed to do that, you can be overwhelmed with knowing what’s what and where to go next. As experienced [...]

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Tick Tick Tock the Pre-Checked Box! How will GDPR impact email marketing?

The General Data Protection Registration (GDPR) is likely to change the way many businesses collect and communicate with their customers very soon. As stated on ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) website: “Consent under the GDPR must be a freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous indication of the individual’s wishes. There must be some form of clear [...]

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Be GDPR ready for May 2018

GDPR - The new European personal data regulations come into force in 2018 – and SMEs need to be ready. Even though it comes into place as the UK enters the process of uncoupling from the EU, it is still to become British law. What does General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) mean for SMEs? Among many [...]

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A Christmas Advert Advent Calendar selected by Fresh Nous

Our Christmas Advert Advent calendar selected by Fresh Nous We have selected our favourite Christmas Adverts to hide behind each day in our Advent calendar. There are favourites as well as some you may not have seen! You'll have to be patient though as the window will only open on the correct day. [...]

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